With healthcare costs approaching one-sixth of GNP, the U. S. Government, the AMA, and HMOs collectively agree that transitioning to Electronic Medical Records (“EMRs”) is essential to controlling healthcare costs.  The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes $19 billion to aid the adoption of EMRs.

While Americans want a more efficient health care system, they worry about the confidentiality of their most private personal information. L-BED is well-suited to meeting such consumer concerns because it restricts access to EMRs to legitimate medical facilities. . Even if an EMR device and data were stolen and taken off premises, its geo-encrypted contents could not be accessed, even if the decryption keys were also stolen.


GeoCodex SAGE

Using Geo-Encryption to Protect High-Value Data

GeoCodex’ new Smartphone Application for Geo-Encryption (SAGE) combines Location-Based Encryption/Decryption (L-BED) with proven encryption technologies to enable affordable, secure network-based Geo-Encrypted key management.

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Learn more about how GeoCodex' innovative Location-Based Encryption / Decryption (L-BED) data security solution works.

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