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The U. S. Government recognizes that national security includes securing the data and digital infrastructure of all its departments, agencies and bureaus. President Obama has committed $40 billion over the next five years to their protection.

L-BED has unique and valuable tools to help the Government secure its data.  L-BED builds upon established cryptographic practices by integrating location and time into the encryption process and by relying upon location-sensing devices --  instead of “trusted” parties -- to decrypt data. 

GeoCodex SAGE

Using Geo-Encryption to Protect High-Value Data

GeoCodex’ new Smartphone Application for Geo-Encryption (SAGE) combines Location-Based Encryption/Decryption (L-BED) with proven encryption technologies to enable affordable, secure network-based Geo-Encrypted key management.

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Learn more about how GeoCodex' innovative Location-Based Encryption / Decryption (L-BED) data security solution works.

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