CyberCrime, Internet fraud and identity theft are growing at a 22% rate. Last year, cybercrimes exceeded $500 million in the U. S.  CyberCrime take advantage of the fact that the Internet relies upon “trusted parties.”

L-BED does not rely upon “trusted parties.” Instead, it relies upon “trusted locations.”  It uses secure position measuring technologies to make sure that access to data is limited to specific locations and times. Further, L-BED enables content owner to retain legacy control over even after it reaches its specified location.

GeoCodex SAGE

Using Geo-Encryption to Protect High-Value Data

GeoCodex’ new Smartphone Application for Geo-Encryption (SAGE) combines Location-Based Encryption/Decryption (L-BED) with proven encryption technologies to enable affordable, secure network-based Geo-Encrypted key management.

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Learn more about how GeoCodex' innovative Location-Based Encryption / Decryption (L-BED) data security solution works.

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