GeoCodex’ geo-encryption, location-based encryption/decryption, location-aware operating system and related technologies provide innovative, unique and practical solutions to major and worsening problems facing companies and government agencies such as data piracy, cybercrime, and the needs of national security and privacy protection for consumers.

By adding the concept of authorized locations to existing solutions which focus solely on preventing access by unauthorized users, an important new layer of security is created… one which works just as well in situations involving data theft or misplaced / misused data by authorized users as it does in situations where unintended users have accessed sensitive information.

GeoCodex SAGE

Using Geo-Encryption to Protect High-Value Data

GeoCodex’ new Smartphone Application for Geo-Encryption (SAGE) combines Location-Based Encryption/Decryption (L-BED) with proven encryption technologies to enable affordable, secure network-based Geo-Encrypted key management.

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Learn more about how GeoCodex' innovative Location-Based Encryption / Decryption (L-BED) data security solution works.

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