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Since its founding in 2000, GeoCodex’ purpose has been to create technologies that secure digital data from unauthorized access or use. GeoCodex believes this to be the transcendent technical challenge of this era.

To achieve its goal, GeoCodex has developed a patented portfolio of algorithms and technologies that together create the concept of location-based encryption (“L-BED”) which restricts access to data to authorized locations and pre-determined time periods.

Today, L-BED is ready to be deployed on a secure, affordable basis.

GeoCodex SAGE

Using Geo-Encryption to Protect High-Value Data

GeoCodex’ new Smartphone Application for Geo-Encryption (SAGE) combines Location-Based Encryption/Decryption (L-BED) with proven encryption technologies to enable affordable, secure network-based Geo-Encrypted key management.

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Learn more about how GeoCodex' innovative Location-Based Encryption / Decryption (L-BED) data security solution works.

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