GeoCodex’ technology integrates location and time into the encryption process so that digital data, apps, websites, messages, or devices can be accessed only at specified locations and times.  Attempts to access the data at any other location or time will fail.

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Uniquely GeoCodex

GeoCodex has pioneered the development of Geo-Encryption, a revolutionary new technology that adds a significant, additional layer of data security by using location (e.g., latitude and longitude and/or other ‘signatures’ of a place) as an integral part of the encryption process. 

Geo-Encryption also can specify time periods in which encrypted data can be decrypted and – if the data is in transit – the specific route it must take to be decrypted at its destination.

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Recent Developments

June 2010

GeoCodex announces a breakthrough in mobile data protection by developing the first easy-to-implement location-based  encryption on commercially available Smartphones

May 2010

Michael Jacobs joins GeoCodex’ Board of Advisors.  Mr. Jacobs has had a distinguished career in cyber and national security in senior-level government and private sector positions.

February 9, 2010

The USPTO issued to GeoCodex patent 7,660,418 which focuses on encrypted file management systems that allow decryption of specific files only at authorized locations and times.


Markets Served by GeoCodex

Health Care

With its ability to restrict access to data to hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, etc., GeoCodex‘ L-BED technology addresses critical consumer privacy concerns...

Entertainment and Media

IP owners encrypt movies, music etc so that decryption is limited to specific locations and times, key components of digital rights management…

Government and National Security

Data used by government and military requires GeoCodex’ added protection for cyber-security, critical infrastructure protection and handheld device use…

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